Lecture STAR-architects (NL)

Tuesday 7 February 2012

The Rotterdam-based (NL) architect firm STAR strategies + architecture was founded in 2006 by Beatriz Ramo. Today the firm has earned international renown by initiating and broaching critical studies about relevant contemporary themes.

Its participation in several (inter)national calls for tenders have only contributed to the reputation of STAR strategies + architecture. In the past they have beaten the Japanese firm Sanaa, Martínez Lapeña - Torres Arquitectos and MVRDV in the international competition for the 'Mirador el Palmeral' in Elche, Spain. The Palmeral of Elche is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and the competition was organised in order to create a tourist attraction for the city. STAR strategies + architecture's project, called ‘Give me a turn', consists of a giant ferris wheel with sixteen cabins, each with a centrally placed bench, giving the occupants a 360°c view of the palm grove.

The work of STAR strategies + architecture has also been exhibited during the International Architecture festival eme3 in Barcelona in an exhibition entitled, O'Mighty Green. The firm used Photoshop to convert the façades of several iconic buildings into green façades. The firm feels that architects make too much use of planted façades in their designs to make their buildings more sustainable. The photos, which have been photoshopped, in fact project a satirical view of the trend and aim to initiate a discussion about how buildings can be more sustainable without just ‘painting' them green. The exhibition already received an award.




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