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Excursion to Leuven

The excursion on Friday (11 may 2012) takes us to redesignation projects in Leuven and its wider environment.

Even though the practice of giving new functions to existing buildings is a very contemporary subject, it is almost as old as building itself. A brilliant example of this is the Office of the Rector of the KULeuven. Build in 1317 as the headquarters of the weaversgild it was already (partially) redesignated as a classroom in 1425. Over time its functions gradually expanded, a new wing was added and small shifts in its use occurred. In 2007 a second expansion was build. Even younger 'monuments', and even land, can be redesignated as shown by the old brewery in the same city.

The redesignation of buildings is a sustainable practice, as the structure can be partially of totally reused. The economical value on the site is saved, or even increased. It results in less construction waste and less physical energy is needed throughout the building process. But the process also expects a more intelligent approach from contractors, architects and builders. Cultural heritage is preserved, and the social meaning of buildings is reinforced or changed.

The architecture of the existing building, and the design of its redesignation, has a great influence on the experience onsite. It tells a tail of space, time, people and society. A story you will experience during this excursion!


08u00 Breakfast courtesy of our sponsors at the office Vandersanden in Bilzen, Riemsterweg 300

08u45 Departure with bus to Leuven

10u00 DE MOUTERIJ en DE UNIVERSITEITSHAL KUL guided tour by Leo Van Broeck (Bogdan & Van Broeck Arhitects)

12u30 Lunch

14u00 MUSEUM M tour guided by members of Stichting Stad en Architectuur

15u30 Departure

16u15 HOTEL 'S HERTOGENMOLENS?guided tour by Pieter Vanderreycken (noAarchitecten)

18u00 Departure

19u00 Dinner offered by our sponsors in the offices of Vandersanden


The tour costs 15 euros (7,5 euros for students). Using the form below you can make your reservations. Your reservation is only definitive after payment on account 735-0057103-55.

Photography: Toon Grobet




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